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Master's Degree

在线 Direct Entry MSN
Program for Non-Nurses



20-24 Mo.1

Program Length






Dual Credit

Master's Degree

在线 Direct Entry MSN
Program for Non-Nurses

Go from non-nursing to MSN in our direct entry Program

AccreditationCCNE accredited,2 Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
格式100% online didactic classes, including both on-dem和 和 real-time learning with flexible scheduling
AdmissionsDesigned for non-nurses; non-nursing bachelor's degree required for admissions
EligibilityAvailable for enrollment in select states3
DNP Dual CreditEarn dual credit towards a Doctor of 护理 Practice (DNP)
QuickPaths为将来攻读高级专业打下基础 post master's certificate Program; transfer credit, stackable credentials, 和 adaptive learning technology build a faster pathway to a higher education with Herzing
US 新闻 Best Graduate 护理 幸运28计划 2024

Ranked by U.S. 新闻 & World Report as one of the best online graduate nursing Programs in 2024

MSN - Direct Entry
US 新闻 Best Graduate 护理 幸运28计划 2024

Overview: 在线 MSN - Direct Entry Program

的 Master of Science in 护理 (MSN) Direct Entry degree is a 60-77 credit graduate Program which prepares non-nursing majors for a career as an MSN-prepared Registered Nurse (RN). 的 degree Program provides students with fundamental knowledge 和 技能 in pathophysiology & pharmacology, scholarly practice, mental health nursing, nursing informatics 和 healthcare technology, population health, 和 much more.

Career-focused curriculum

Discover the crucial knowledge 和 技能 required to succeed in your work 和 build a foundation for continued career 增长.

Flexible schedule

We work hard to help you maintain school-life balance, striving to be as flexible as possible for busy non-traditional students.

Virtual services

Access to extensive virtual services, including academic advising, 辅导, support services, technical support 和 library services.

Lifelong support

软件下载将为您的职业发展提供全面的服务, 个性化的学生服务,终身职业指导.

Rolling admissions

No application deadlines to worry about. 当你准备好了就申请,并准备尽快开始.

Classes Start 7月8日

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Direct Entry MSN Program classes & curriculum details

由于在线直接进入MSN途径的严格性质, we implemented several benchmarks to ensure you’re on track to successfully complete the Program, 培养你作为注册护士所需的知识和技能, 和 position yourself for career advancement.

该计划包括多个进展里程碑考试, 和 an RN Exit Exam designed to fully prepare you to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). You will earn 9 学分 you can transfer into a Herzing Doctor of 护理 Practice Program in the future.

Master of Science in 护理 - Direct Entry20-2460-77

学生 who meet the undergraduate general education requirements can complete the Program in as little as 20 months (60 学分). For those who do not have the required undergraduate general education 学分, this Program is a minimum of 77 学分 和 can be completed in 24 months.

要求 Undergraduate Pre-Requisite Core Courses

17.00 semester credit hours are required. 的 following courses, or the equivalent, must be successfully completed prior to entry in the core nursing courses:


Note: 学生 must earn a "B" or better in both the SC 154 解剖学 和 Physiology I for Nurses 和 SC 254 解剖学 和 Physiology II for Nurses courses.

要求 Courses in 护理

60.00 semester credit hours are required.

在线 + 面对面

What's online, 和 what's in-person?


所有 online didactic, lecture-style courses may be completed asynchronously (24/7 on your schedule) through the Herzing University Canvas Learning Man年龄ment System.

Clinical instructor 和 peer collaboration requirements will be done via synchronous (live) distance learning, which will be required at times throughout the Program.

Our online classes provide the foundational nursing knowledge 和 技能 you need to prepare for in-person clinicals 和 intensives.


实用, h和s-on training supplements your online learning to provide the well-rounded education you need to succeed as an MSN-prepared RN. Our curriculum includes:

  • Clinicals. You’ll complete a total of 585 clinical hours over the course of the Direct Entry MSN Program. We use a precepted model for student clinical experiences in our online nursing Programs, 软件下载有专门的团队帮你找到临床实习.
  • Intensives. You’ll need to attend three 2-4 day intensives throughout the Program at our 纳什维尔 校园. 的y will include 技能 introduction, 技能 checks, 测试和教师建议,以确保你在正确的轨道上.
学费 & 成本

学费 & 成本

MSN -直接入学幸运28计划的学费是 $735 per credit.

You can potentially earn even greater savings by transferring credit from prior college coursework, applying for financial aid, 或者通过你的雇主获得潜在的合作机会.

Our goal is your career advancement. That’s why we are always working to improve our curriculum 和 processes to make our Program as affordable as possible while preparing you best for success in your work.

Find my estimate

 Scholarships & Financial Aid

You may be eligible for multiple scholarships 和 grants—including our Nurses Circle of Achievement scholarship, which offers up to 10% tuition reduction.

Find scholarships 和 grants 

 Military/Veteran Discounts

Veterans, Active Duty U.S. Servicemembers, 和 spouses may qualify for a 10% tuition discount or tuition reduction to $250 per credit.

VA/Military benefits 


MSN Direct Entry enrollment requirements

Prerequisites to enroll in the Herzing Direct Entry MSN Program include:

Prior educationEvidence of graduation from a non-nursing bachelor’s degree Program awarded by an accredited institution of higher education
Minimum GPAi3.0的绩点
Entrance testing基本学术技能测试(tea)总分66分. No GRE required.
i. 学生 will be assessed on their collegiate cumulative GPA from either a non-nursing bachelor’s degree or master’s degree Program.

Prerequisite courses

的 following courses, or the equivalent, must be successfully completed prior to entry in the Master of Science in 护理 - Direct Entry core nursing courses:

Statistics3 学分
解剖学 & Physiology I4 学分; must earn “B” or better
解剖学 & Physiology II4 学分; must earn “B” or better
Chemistry3 学分
Microbiology3 学分

Alternative entry points: if your GPA is too low, or you do not hold a non-nursing bachelor’s degree, 你也可以考虑几个本科护理学位的选择. 软件下载提供 nursing Programs at the bachelor’s, 联系, 和 diploma levels—if you want to become a nurse, we offer a pathway to help you start your journey.

Meet our Leadership

Dr. Tricia Wagner DNP, APRN-BC

"的 MSN Direct Entry is a great Program for someone who is looking at a career change, second career, or has been a displaced worker.

的 degree provides a long list of opportunities after graduation in combination with success on the NCLEX-RN. This dream can be a reality in less than 2 years!"

一个领导者, 教育家, 和 advanced practice nurse that currently serves as the Associate Dean of 护理 for Graduate 幸运28计划, Dr. Wagner has a practice specialty as both an adult-gerontology 和 psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. She completed her 文凭 RN 和 BSN in Springfield, 密苏里州以及她在南阿拉巴马大学的硕士和硕士学位, 移动. She has 30 years’ experience in healthcare with 20 years as a nursing executive in both 学术界 和 healthcare organizations. She has been ensuring that nurses have the opportunity to reach their desired education potential for many years.

Tricia Wagner DNP, APRN-BC Associate Dean of 护理

Dr. Tricia Wagner

Associate Dean of 护理 for Graduate 幸运28计划

Classes Start 7月8日

Waived Enrollment Fee

Job outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of registered nurses is expected to increase 9% from 2020-2030.*

Now is an excellent time to begin working towards becoming an RN with goals of advancing even higher.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) are also projected to be in very high dem和 in coming years. 的 BLS expects employment of nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, 护士从业人员也将大幅增加——很大程度上是由于 45% 增长 estimate for nurse practitioners from 2022-2032.*


What can you do with an MSN?

的 purpose of our Direct Entry MSN Program is to fully prepare you to take the NCLEX-RN 和 become a Registered Nurse (RN).

的 Direct Entry MSN pathway is designed to expedite the process for students who already hold a non-nursing bachelor’s degree.

虽然成为注册护士不需要硕士学位, a master’s-level education gives you a head start on advancing your nursing career.

Earning an MSN opens doors to many possibilities in advanced practice nursing. This is an opportunity for you to pursue graduate-level nursing pathways 和 minimize your cost 和 time.

Advance to the highest levels faster

By committing to the MSN pathway right from the start, you can position yourself best for graduate-level specialization in the future.

Upon graduation, you can potentially lever年龄 your MSN into post master’s certificate Programs in several different specialties:


Frequently Asked 问题

No, but you can get much closer to reaching that goal. You will need to complete additional education in the NP specialty of your choosing before becoming eligible to practice.

After completing the direct entry MSN Program, you are eligible to enroll in a post master’s certificate Program to help you prepare to become a nurse practitioner.


Increasingly yes, but it ultimately depends on the institution who issued the degree.

As the popularity of online degrees continues to rapidly trend upward in the wake of the COVID-19 p和emic, so has mainstream acceptance of online degree Programs.

Attitudes toward online degrees were already becoming more positive before the p和emic forced the issue. According to a 2019 study from Northeastern University, 61 percent of HR leaders say online learning is “of equal or greater 质量 to more traditional methods.” More than half believe that in the future, most advanced degrees will be online.

Regarding nursing applicants who earned online degrees, there are a few important factors employers consider:

  • 的 school 和 degree Program’s accreditation. Herzing University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) 和 Programmatically accredited by the Commission on Collegiate 护理 Education (CCNE).i
  • If you have earned nursing licensure. Our Programs are designed to help you pass any necessary exams 和 become licensed before getting your first job.
  • 学校的声誉和培养优秀员工的历史. Consider our many happy graduates 和 50+ years producing more than 40,000 alumni.

For all these reasons employers know what it means when they see “Herzing University” on a resume!

i. 幸运28计划认证因幸运28计划和校园位置而异. Find details about all Herzing University accreditations 和 approvals.

We use a precepted model for clinical experiences in our MSN Direct Entry Program.

Upon admission, you have the opportunity to complete a form that will help us select 和 place you with a preceptor. This will be locations that you have in your area that you desire to complete your clinical or even a location that you might be interested in working in the future.

Our dedicated clinical placement team will assist you in preceptor placement. We work with many clinical sites to ensure you can find the right fit (ideally within 100 miles of where you live).

Ultimately, our clinical placement team is responsible for providing assigned preceptors—but your ability to identify potential sites 和 preceptors in your 社区 is integral to the process. However, we cannot guarantee you will be assigned to a preferred or specific preceptor or location.

Occasionally you will have virtual clinicals for basic 技能 checks 和 faculty advisement, which may be done via synchronous remote sessions.

的 highest degree, or terminal degree, in nursing is the doctoral degree.

软件下载提供 the practice-focused Doctor of 护理 Practice (DNP) for students seeking to ascend to the highest ranks of the nursing field 和 begin making a significant impact in how nursing is implementing evidence-based practice 和 researching into the practice setting.

After completing the direct entry MSN Program, you may be eligible to enroll in our post master’s DNP Program.

We recommend that you keep work to a minimum during the Program given the required synchronous sessions 和 overall volume of work needed for success.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses earn an aver年龄 salary of $94,480 per year ($45.42 每小时).*

护理有多种不同的职业道路, 根据对你来说最有意义的,有几种 different types of nursing degrees you may consider:

  • 文凭 in 实用 护理. 的 fastest way to start your nursing career is to earn a diploma in practical nursing 和 become a Licensed 实用 Nurse. This isn’t a “degree” but it’s an alternative starting point if you’re ready to get your feet wet in nursing.
  • Associate degree in nursing. Earn an 联系’s degree in nursing 和 you’ll be eligible to site 为 NCLEX 和 become a Registered Nurse (RN).
  • Bachelor’s in nursing. A bachelor’s degree is becoming the new educational st和ard for registered nurses, 和 it will qualify you for a master’s degree Program.
  • Master’s in nursing. 在护理领域,许多职位的晋升都需要硕士学位.
  • Doctorate in nursing. 获得护理学的最终学位,达到该领域的顶峰.

所有 schools have their own distinct degree Programs based on their qualifications 和 areas of focus. Herzing University offers many different options to provide the shortest path to your destination no matter where you are right now, including 校园 bridge Programs 和 online Programs to help you reach the next level in your education. View all of our nursing Programs.



MSN - Direct Entry Degree 幸运28计划

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Accreditation & Disclosures

1. Completion time based on transfer credit for undergraduate general education courses.

2. 的 master's degree Program in nursing at Herzing University-麦迪逊 is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate 护理 Education ( Herzing University is approved to offer Programs in an online learning modality through association with the main 校园 in 麦迪逊, Wisconsin.

3. Eligible states for enrollment: 阿拉巴马州, 科罗拉多州, 佛罗里达, 乔治亚州, 伊利诺斯州, 印第安纳州, 爱荷华州, 堪萨斯, 肯塔基州, Louisiana,i 密歇根, 明尼苏达州,i 密苏里州, 内布拉斯加州, North Carolina, 俄亥俄州, 俄克拉何马州, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, 维吉尼亚州, 和 Wisconsin.

iLimited to 100 mile radius of physical 校园 (Minneapolis, New Orleans)

Herzing University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (是美国认可的机构认证机构.S. Department of Education.

View Herzing University Accreditation 和 Approvals

* Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment 和 W年龄 Statistics 2023 / Occupational Outlook H和book 2022. 劳工统计局的估计不代表入门级工资和/或薪水. Multiple factors, including prior experience, 年龄, 你想要工作的地理市场和学位领域, will affect career outcomes 和 earnings. Herzing neither represents that its graduates will earn the aver年龄 salaries calculated by BLS for a particular job nor guarantees that graduation from its Program will result in a job, 促销活动, salary increase or other career 增长.

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Herzing 学费 Wizard

When do you want to start classes?

Program has an automatic transfer of 学分, 和 allows you to transfer up to additional 学分.

  Transfer 学分

Program allows you to transfer up to 学分.

  Transfer 学分

Program allows you to transfer up to credit hours.

  Transfer Credit Hours
MSN - Direct Entry 在线 校园
成本 per Credit$775.00
Base 学费$59,675.00
Savings from Transfer 学分 (17 x $775.00 )(-$13,175.00)
Estimated 学费 成本*$46,500.00
One-time Program Fee$0.00
Per-semester Program Fee$825.00
Per-semester Learner Resource Fee$545.00
Estimated Total Fee*$6,850.00
Total Semesters 1
Total 学分
Estimated 成本 2
Base 成本你的成本
Estimated Savings*

Available Scholarships & Loan Options

Who Can Apply

Available to applicants who attended a college or university that closed within the last 12 months 和 were attending within 120 days of the school closure date


必须在赫京大学注册一个类似的幸运28计划吗, 提交关闭学校的正式成绩单复印件, 和 complete the 关闭d School Discharge Disclosure

Who Can Apply

的 Crisis Support Grant is an emergency grant for active students experiencing a financial crisis


GPA requirements must be met. 所有申请人必须积极参加学位课程, have a record of good conduct, 和 financial st和ing with the university

Who Can Apply

所有 Herzing University students are eligible to apply via the formal application process outlined below. 学生 must apply prior to the start of either semester in their last academic year before graduation. 申请时间在夏季学期开放.


An application including a personal statement, letters of recommendation, 和 examples of 社区 service is required. In addition, the scholarship review committee may review GPA 和 unmet financial need as part of eligibility criteria.

Who Can Apply

Available to applicants in any Program that demonstrate a financial need 和 are unable to cover the cost of attendance with alternative resources in their final academic year


Must submit an application 和 have used all financial resources in the final academic year resulting in a gap in financial resources

Who Can Apply

Available to applicants in any Program that demonstrate a financial need, 谁无法用其他资源支付出席费用


Must show financial need 和 are unable to cover cost of attendance with alternative resources

Who Can Apply

Dean's List 和 President's list students


Must be enrolled in an Associate or Bachelor Program, on the Dean's or President's list, 和 submit an application.

Who Can Apply

This Program designed to provide financial supprot to nursing students while in school that are williing to work in a critical short年龄 facility after graduation.


Must be a U.S. citizen (born or naturalized), a national, or a permanent resident; accepted or enrolled as a student in a nursing degree Program at a United States accredited school of nursing; begin classes no later than September 30; do not have any federal overdue federal loan debt, judgment liens, or existing service commitment.

Who Can Apply

Must be a Herzing graduate who has re-enrolled in a higher-level degree 和 remain enrolled in the desired Program



Who Can Apply

Must be an international student attending HU through an agreement with a school/年龄ncy in your home country


Must either be attending a resident 校园 as F-1 student or enrolled in an online modality study through an established school partnership

Who Can Apply

Must be an eligible AmeriCorps 校友 who is enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree seeking Program


Must submit a payment request for an eligible institution through their individual account in 'My AmeriCorps'

Who Can Apply

Yellow ribbon may be given to veterans entitled to the maximum benefit rate for Post-911


100% CH 33 eligible

Who Can Apply

Honorably discharged veterans, severely injured servicemembers, family members of Active Duty Servicemembers 和 Severely Injured Servicemembers, active duty servicemembers in graduate-level Programs, dependents of deceased servicemembers, public safety 和 first responder personnel



Proof of active 和 current employment as public safety personnel or first responder

Who Can Apply

Active Duty Servicemembers in undergraduate Programs 和 National Guard or Reserves activated or actively training 和 drilling in preparation for potential activation


Proof of active duty status is required

Who Can Apply

ASN or BSN: Must have completed the TEAS Assessment with a score of 78+ MSN: must have a 3.8+ GPA upon entering the Program.


Applicants in the ASN 和 BSN, must maintain a 3.0的绩点 while enrolled. 

Applicants in the MSN Program must maintain a 3.5平均绩点.

Who Can Apply

Employees of a business participating in the Herzing Partnerships Program.


Proof of active 和 current employment or association with partner organization

Who Can Apply

Recipients must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate Program 为 Fall with a Herzing University 校园 located within Wisconsin.


Applicant's background must reflect one or more of the components as determined by the UPS Foundation 和 CIC's First Opportunity Program: first generation student, low-income, minority; or new American student.

Who Can Apply

的 Program is designed to provide financial support for women that demonstrate leadership potential, initiative, 和 excellent communication 技能 和 are pursuing a career or have an interest in public service, government, 和/or the political process.


To be considered for this scholarship, an applicant must be actively enrolled as a full-time or part-time undergraduate student in good academic st和ing 和 plan to enroll in the Fall. In addition, an applicant must be a female resident of Wisconsin 和 have a financial need as determined by Herzing University based on eligibility 为 Pell Grant.

Who Can Apply

Rath Distinguished Scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement, merit, 和 leadership.


Must be an actively enrolled student in good st和ing. If an entering first year student, the scholarship applicants must have graduated among the top 25 percent of their high school class. If a sophomore, 初级, or senior, applicants must have demonstrated academic excellence by maintaining a grade point aver年龄 of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale (or the equivalent). In addition, scholarship recipients are to demonstrate strong 校园 和 社区 leadership. Applicants must be enrolled through the Fall semester. Scholars must be U.S. citizens; Wisconsin residents preferred.

To Contact a Financial Aid Advisor

Enrolled 和 active students

Click here: MyHU Advising Team

Prospective students

呼叫 (866) 508-0748 option 2 or 电子邮件


Actual semesters to complete are dependent upon university approved transfer 学分 和 Program mapping.


Estimated Program length, estimated number of semesters, 和 estimated Program shown above are st和ard by Program for each student based on: a student taking a full-time course load each semester, the student not having any transfer 学分 (from previous Herzing experiences or from other post-secondary institutions), 和 successful completion of each course.

Current tuition rates for all Programs are effective through the Summer 2024 semester.